Pray Like This Group Coaching Course 

How does your communication with the Lord look? Sound? Feel?
Do you struggle in your connection with the Lord? Or with confidence in knowing and believing His Promises? With consistency as a person of PRAYER?
Ever considered a PRAYER Coach to empower your connection, confidence, and consistency in your communication with the Lord?
As your PRAYER Coach, I will help you gain a lifestyle of loving the Lord deeply, living His Promises significantly, and praying as easily as taking your next breath.
Join the Pray Like This Group Coaching Course (PLT-GCC) in two Upstate South Carolina locations. 

"Carolyn's Bible Coaching helped me get my voice back. And for that I am eternally grateful."

- Cheryl

Hi, I’m Carolyn

At CMM, we are connecting with the Lord, while illuminating Jesus to and through us, by the power of His Spirit via PRAYER Coaching, Bible Study Courses, and Community GatHERings. Join us and get on your path to deeper spiritual growth.